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Close Approach of (349068) 2006 YT13
This large NEO is predicted to make a close approach on 2022 Jul 19 22:42±<00:01 UT at 0.04518 AU when it will be in Lepus in daylight. It is large, H=18.4, 'Rarity'=2. ST4v predicts that it will be visible from the southern hemisphere after the close approach. Predicted peak brightness is 15.7 magnitude when it will be in Pictor, but below the horizon. It should be visible on Jul 24 ~4-5AM local Brisbane time moving through Dorado at 15.8 magnitude, but slowed to 19.1"/min. Here is an Interactive Atlas chart showing the predicted path of this object: [attachment=2437]

Good hunting,

Phil S.

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