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Close Approach of 2022 NE on 2022 July 6
Hi MP Hunters,

The newly discovered NEO 2022 NE is predicted to make a close approach on the morning of 2022 July 6 at 1055 UT at a distance of 0.00091 AU according to the CNEOS website. H=28.7 & 'Rarity'=0. 

Using elements downloaded from the MPC on 2022 July 5, ST4v predicts that the peak brightness of 15.7 magnitude will occur on July 6 0400 EDT (0800 UT) when the NEO is 178.1k km distant moving through Oph at 547.1"/min. At close approach of 144.2k km at 0800 EDT the NEO will be 16.5 magnitude moving through Cygnus at 14.6"/sec in daylight as seen from Ohio (or not seen).

This one is really a fast mover and we have some warning. 

Good hunting.

Phil S.

I forgot to include the Interactive Atlas chart showing the predicted path of 2022 NE:     
That's an almost good one for me. 5:54 CDT, mag 15.8, 131,000Km, 16.27'/min, 51° up in the WNW, 8.5' east of an 8th mag orange * (Tycho 3160-1726-1). Dark sky, bit of twilight, so most likely out of reach. Just picked it up on the daily. A real screamer. And close.
Yes 2022 NE passed close by, but 2022 NF will get even closer tomorrow morning!

Two back to back, both really bookin'.

Phil S.

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