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SkyTools works primarily on multiple star systems, not individual pairs.
Thank you for your prompt replay.

Quote:I am unsure which parts you have quoted and which parts you have written just now. 
Do not worry I just wanted to let you know that I have posted the question on on Yahoo, too.
All quotes are in Italic, but everything is needed is in this post.

Quote:Let is also remember that you are of course free to observe any pair in the system once you put it in the eyepiece. 
Yes I remember, but this is not my usage model.

Quote:That said, at some point in the past I committed to including the ability to select the pair to be displayed in the planner, so that will be a feature of SkyTools 4.
That is a great news - thank you.

Quote:I suspect that there is a fundamental problem, such as incorrect settings for the location or telescope, that is keeping SkyTools from correctly selecting the best pair.
And I suspect this is a problem with the algorithm.
I have done screen shots of the important settings (not attaching the eyepieces as I can attach only 5 files) so you can point out where my settings are wrong. Or you can use this info and try to reproduce the suspected issue on your side - it should just take less then 10 min.

I use the standard edition version 3.2k DL SE.
If you need more info from my side do not hesitate to ask.

Best Regards

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