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SkyTools works primarily on multiple star systems, not individual pairs.

Thank you for posting here. When I approved your original message on the Yahoogroup I suffered another browser exploit attack, likely via an advertisement. They are either unable to solve these problems or simply don't care. Either way, I need to shut that group down as soon as I have the time.

I searched and searched, but I was unable to find the original thread that you are referring to. As a result, I am unsure which parts you have quoted and which parts you have written just now.

It would appear to me that SkyTools is not working as intended for the example cited. This appears to be a failure of the algorithm, and I of course prefer to fix the algorithm rather than abandon the entire idea. Also, a double star in Cygnus not being visible in the summer makes no sense to me. It is the strength of SkyTools to calculate just that. I suspect that there is a fundamental problem, such as incorrect settings for the location or telescope, that is keeping SkyTools from correctly selecting the best pair. If this is your example, I urge you to take a look at your location settings (is your lat/long switched?, is your longitude negative when it should be positive?). Is your telescope data entered correctly, using the correct units?

Let is also remember that you are of course free to observe any pair in the system once you put it in the eyepiece.

That said, at some point in the past I committed to including the ability to select the pair to be displayed in the planner, so that will be a feature of SkyTools 4.
Clear skies,
Head Dude at Skyhound

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