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Close approach of MP 2022 MQ
The NEO 2022 MQ makes a close approach on June 27 at 00:46 UT. ST4v predicts that peak brightness will occur on June 26 at ~0200 EDT when it will be 15.2 magnitude. It's already predicted to reach 16.5 magnitude tonight. At peak brightness the predicted motion is 26.3"/min when it will be in Sagittarius.

Here's an Interactive Atlas chart showing the predicted path through Aquila & Sagittarius:     

This object will also be visible from the southern hemisphere, weather permitting.

CNEOS gives this pass a 'Rarity' of 1.

Phil S.
Okay, this is the results from my first homework assignment from Phil, the easy one.

This is the trail of NEO 2022 MQ, some 98 metres in diameter which according to SpaceWeather, would be making its closest approach on 27th June (UT) at a distance of 7.5 LD, with a Velocity of 12.1 km/sec.

This is the full field down sized from 3162x2088 to 1600x1069, centred on RA 19h 20m 16.100s, Dec -28° 43' 04.854". The FOV is 37.7 x 25.2 arcmin at a Pixel scale of 1.41 arcsec/pixel. The Orientation is 360 degrees E of N

Local Time: 26/06/2022, 10:07 to 10:41 PM AEST.
UT: 2022/06/26 T12:07:00Z to T12:41:00Z

Tak Mewlon 210 F11.5, Tak x0.8 Reducer, QHY268M Camera. I took 64 Frames at 30 sec exposure each frame.



You get a 100% on your assignment Dennis, well done!

Phil S.

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