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An Interesting Case Study - Asteroid Cacus
I get this when trying to log in to view the image

I can't explain that. When I Clk on the image, it opens in a new tab in Edge. Unfortunately, I haven't marked Cacus, so all I know is that it's in the middle of the FOV. It wasn't moving fast enough to cause any trailing of the stars (the mount was tracking Cacus). The .fits image was plate solved, so I should overlay it onto ST4i & see where the MP's at. The images are so ugly that I haven't felt the desire to do that. There are 5 images so perhaps 'blinking' will reveal the MP more easily.

Blinking helps, here's the 1st image of the set of 5 120 sec exposures: [attachment=2510]

Here's the 5th image: [attachment=2511]

See if you can spot it.

Phil S.
You're kidding, right?
Actually, if you switch between the 2 images while looking near the center of the FOV, there one dot that shifts position. My cursor control skills are poor, or I'd try to put a circlle around Cacus for you. Sorry  Sad .

Here's image #5 with a red circle around Cacus: [attachment=2512]
Does that help?

Phil S.

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