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Help File PDF?
Hey Greg

I've been using SkyTools since v1 so I know the visual side pretty well already but always like to know more about the new stuff and with the imaging side, I'm finally taking the time to wrap my head around it.

Do you have a ST4 PDF of the help file?   I just like having one place to reference and I hate going to YouTube to look at stuff cause you have to sit through 10-20 min of a video to figure something out.


If we had a pdf file, it would just be the same information in the Help system presented in pdf form. That will happen eventually, but until then, I suggest opening the Help Contents from the top level help menu and browse the main topics. Its basically the same thing as looking at a pdf.
Clear skies,
Head Dude at Skyhound
Fair enough.  That will work. 

Thanks greg.

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