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Observing List for "Above Horizon" Only
Hello All,

Christina LeGrand here.     Long-time user of Sky Tools 3.   I am just starting to use Sky Tools 4.   I cannot seem to find the filter for excluding objects from an observing list if they are below the horizon.   I must be overlooking it somehow.   Can anyone help me find this filter?    Thank you in advance.

I just found this Forum this evening and am very happy to be a new member.    I really love Sky Tools and rely on it a lot.

Thank you,
Christina LeGrand
Hello Christina,

The filters in SkyTools 4 are a lot smarter. The quality filter includes the effects of altitude in it automatically, including when the object is below the horizon or below the obstructed horizon, so a horizon filter is not necessary.

Click the Help menu and select the Help Contents. I suggest reading the Changes in SkyTools 4 for SkyTools 3 users, or New in SkyTools 4 (can't recall exactly what its called). It will explain how the new, much more powerful, filters work.

Also follow the links to our Youtube site for video tutorials.
Clear skies,
Head Dude at Skyhound
Thank you, Greg!    I will read up on this.    Thanks again!  Christina LeGrand

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