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2022 HT2 in southern hemisphere
This NEO is predicted to reach 16 magnitude on May 26 to 29 with peak brightness of 15.8 magnitude from the morning of May 27 through the morning of May 29 EDT. Minimum Re is 0.03 AU. The motion is predicted to be up to 34.8"/min.

It will move through Ara, Telescopium, Pavo, Indus & Tucana.

I know that you folks down under have been experiencing crap weather, but maybe you can catch a break for this one.

Phil S.
Hi Phil

I had a clear night last night and after remembering how to set up and use my gear after some 4 or 5 months of poor weather, I managed to record the trail of Asteroid 7335 1989 JA..

Sadly, tonight I am clouded out once more, so no more NEO's from me.


Hi Dennis,

Glad to hear that you at least caught something for a change.

Phil S.

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