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2022 KH on May 22
The CNEOS website reports the close approach (0.00982 AU) at 15:54 UT on 2022 May 22. I wasn't able to download elements for this object from MPC this evening. The H=25.4 & the 'Rarity'=0 so it's probably too faint for visual observation anyway.

Just wanted to alert folks in case someone wanted to give it a try.

Phil S.
I could not find them at JPL, MPC, Lowell nor Space Weather. Only Horizons. I fetched the elements from the MPC discovery pages - 96 obs over 2 days by the big guys. Used those figures to come up with brightest on ~May 21 22:00:00CDT altitude 31° 111"/min mag 16.28. Closest shows as May 22, 10:52:34CDT altitude -72° 130"/min, mag 16.78ish. Distance 1,475,127Km. Those Aussies may have a chance ;+) Tracking south thru Libra towards Crux but with an uncertainty of 7, suspect the error window might be large but CNEOS says 1 minute.
The MPC finally put this one in the NEOs at Today's Epoch file. ST4v predicted a peak brightness of 16.4 magnitude on May 22 at 0200 EDT when it was moving through Libra.

2022 KJ & 2022 KK are too faint for a 13".

Now that the moon is waning, they're finding more NEOs. 4 with the latest update.

Phil S.

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