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Adding multiple objects by enabling multi-select
Will it be possible to add a feature to "multi-select" items in the Designation Search Tool?


This is a matter of using the best tool for the job. The Designation search tool is designed specifically to look up one object at a time. Adding multiple selection to it would break the lower area where only one object can be displayed and one object information window opened, and it would break several of the use cases for this dialog, which expect a single object to be returned.

Rather than alter this one tool to do what you want, allow me to direct you to the tool that already does it. It's called the Database Power Search, and its purpose is to select multiple objects and to put them into an observing list.

From the Nightly Planner or Real Time tools, open the Add Objects menu, and select Database Power Search.

This tool may seem daunting at first, but simple things like adding all of the objects from a catalog, are simple to do.

1. Select the Galactic Deep Sky tab at the top.

2. Select Databases to Search: Globular Clusters

3. Switch Include Catalog Designations to: Select

4. Select Palomar

5. Press the Search button.

6. Press Select All

7. Select an Observing List (or create a new one)

8. Press Add to List
Clear skies,
Head Dude at Skyhound
For those looking in who may want to ask their own question, this is a textbook example of the case of asking for a feature rather than explaining what one wants to accomplish, and then asking how to do it in SkyTools.

In this case it was easy for me to infer what the person wants to accomplish from the question, but that often isn't the case. As a result, when someone asks for a feature, I must usually respond by asking what they want to accomplish instead. This is because there is often already an existing solution to meet their need.

Better to start with telling us what you want to accomplish and let us suggest a solution.
Clear skies,
Head Dude at Skyhound
Thanks Greg.

I was able to accomplish this with Database search just as you described. You can ignore my feature request as there is a better way to do it elsewhere in the product.

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