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Close Approach of 2012 UX68
The NEO 2012 UX68 is predicted to make a close approach on 2022 May 15 ±22:16. According to the CNEOS website the close approach distance is 0.00704 AU. Using ST4v the predicted peak brightness of 16.0 magnitude occurs on May 16@1000 EDT when it will be in Octans. The predicted motion is 81.3"/min at that time. This is a southern hemisphere object.

The timing on the pass is pretty wide, ±22 hours, so I don't know if this object has been reacquired on this pass or not. Using elements from the MPC for 2022 May 10 0000, ST4v currently places this NEO in Aries at 20.9 magnitude & 0.02 AU.

This NEO has a 'Rarity' score of 1 on the CNEOS website as do 2008 TZ3 and 2022 JP1. The NEO 2022 JO1 that passed 0.00046 AU distant today rated a 2 & peaked at predicted 14.2 magnitude.

Good hunting,

Phil S.
This rock is well placed for an updated observation but the last one I see is on 2012 11 20.09843 by Spacewatch II at mag 20.1R. An uncertainty of 6 and a +/-1 day error may only allow being picked up by survey scopes.

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