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The 'Rarity' Column on the CNEOS website
Hi MP Hunters,

I just noticed the 'Rarity' column on the JPL's CNEOS website here:

NEO Earth Close Approaches (

Here's the description of 'Rarity': 

A measure of how infrequent the Earth close approach is for asteroids of the same size and larger: 0 means an average frequency of 100 per year, i.e., roughly every few days or less, 1 corresponds to roughly once a month, 2 to roughly once a year, 3 to roughly once a decade, etc. 'n/a' means that a frequency estimate is not available. See note for details.

This is the link from the Note:

It seems like we're fortunate to have several '1's & '2's in May & June.

This is a neat concept. The article describing the method lists the pass of Apophis as a 6.

Phil S.

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