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I hope someone can help.  I am trying to set the software as best as I can.  The area that seems to elude me is filters, as the filters I have are not listed, I attempted to find these filter files, and next I attempted to create one.  That ended up in about 2 hours of frustration.

What is up with filters, where can I get filter data?  The filters I have I cannot imagine are not uncommon.

For example.
Triad Ultra Quad.
My Ha OIII filter
My SI Filter

There is a thread in the SkyTools Imaging forum about filters that includes quite a few filter data files. It is here:

If your filters aren't available there, or you need help inputting the data, please ask and I can help. I have more filter data files available. When you ask, please include the full make and model of the filter. For narrow band filters we also need to know the filter width, e.g. Optolong Ha 5nm.
Clear skies,
Head Dude at Skyhound
Thank you very much, sorry it took so long to respond.

Thanks so much, was able to get one of the filter files, the extreme. Has anyone figured out for the Radian Triad Ultra Narrowband Filter.

If not, how does one go about finding this info o create the filter files?
Have you been able to find a graph of the transmission curve of the filter? Does the manufacturer's website or the company that you purchased the filter from have the pass-band information?

With the pass-band information you can create a file of filter transmission data for ST4 Imaging, as follows:     

1) Open the Imaging System Dialog

2) Click the Filters button in the 'Camera' section on the left side of the dialog

3) When the 'Assign Filters...' dialog appears, Click the 'New' button on the lower left 

4) Click the 'Read Filter Data From File' button for the instructions to construct the file

5) Construct the file containing the data for your filter. You must use the absolute transmissions here. The wavelengths need not be equispaced.

6) After you've saved the file, Click the 'Read File' button to read the filter curve data into SkyTools.

That should do it. Hope this helps,

Phil S.

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