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2022 HB1 for southern hemisphere observers
Hi MP Hunters,

The recently discovered NEO 2022 HB1 is predicted to reach peak brightness of 15.9 magnitude ~1600 EDT on April 26 when it will be in Pyxis Sad . It's going to be a fast mover. Here's a ST4v Interactive Atlas (IA) chart showing the predicted motion from Brisbane, AU: [attachment=2332]

It won't be quite as bright while in Crater at 16.4 magnitude, but it will be dark. Morning twilight interferes for locations further east, sorry George.

Good luck & clear skies,

Phil S.
For those southern guys, it is really tripping along (14'/min)!! For me it's in heavy twilight when high on the morning of the 26th and near 17th magnitude. Thanks, but no thanks.
Hi Phil

Thanks for your continuing efforts to let us Southerner's know about these events. Smile 

Sadly, we are in our rainy season and it has been a very bad one, so no luck for the next week or so in Brisbane. Sad


Hi Dennis,

Sorry to hear about your crap weather. In my experience the probability of cloudy skies is inversely proportional to the rarity of the celestial event you want to observe  Big Grin. Still have to provide a heads up incase you catch a break. Also there's more to the southern hemisphere than you soggy guys in southeast(?) Australia. I've heard that there are even some desert regions somewhere on the continent.

I'd love to be able to get my telescope down under some time, but I'd probably be unable to find anything 'cause it's all upside-down down there  Wink.

The weather around Columbus is so bad that the 69" telescope was moved from Perkins Observatory in Delaware, OH to Lowell Observatory in Flagstaff, AZ. That doesn't happen too often.

Bad weather helped make me the Posting Freak that I used to be.

Phil S.

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