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2022 GN1 5 stars
Hi MP hunters,

The NEA 2022 GN1 is predicted to make a close approach tonight April 5 ~2200 EDT & reach peak brightness of 15.2 magnitude. Here's the predicted path: [attachment=2314]

The elements for the ephemeris were downloaded from the MPC today (NEAs at Today's Epoch). This one is a real screamer, moving at >20"/sec! At a Declination of ~+50 this one is a northern hemisphere object, though.

The waxing crescent moon is about 70° to the west.

Good hunting,

Phil S.
I saw this image report early this morning by Patrick Wiggins:

"2022 GN1 Flyby

This morning, 06 April 2022 UTC, during 2022 GN1’s close flyby of Earth I shot this series of 17 one second exposures when it was at closest approach, about 121,174 km, at 0256 UTC. Look close to see it move from lower left to upper right. It was moving so fast that it barely registered in the images.

North is up and east to the left. Field of view is 18x26 arc minutes. Images taken with an SBIG ST-10 through a C-14 operating at f/5.5.

That's tough to see. Thanks.

Phil S.
I had to turn out the lights and get dark adapted. LOL
wow, that is moving fast. I am surprised you could see it.
Nice photography and thanks for sharing
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