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Really Hair Raisers - Missed again
Thanks Greg. I thought that BMD was trying to display the MPs in the OL that I uploaded to the forum. If he ran a DBPS & forgot to select the search results & copy them to his new OL that would explain why he got an empty OL. I forget those steps occasionally myself. I did notice that the name of BMD's OL wasn't the same as mine.

Maybe someone else will download the OL & see what they get in the Nightly Planner.

Phil S.
When I run Phil's list, I get a blank run

If I use my OL It works.

Here is phil's list I am using

.stx   MPs WIthin 0.05 AU on 2022 Apr 5.stx (Size: 32.41 KB / Downloads: 2)

I think I have this figured out now. The file may have been corrupted.

I just downloaded the copy of my .stx file that you reposted & it looked OK. I tried to put the new download into a new folder, but I think ST4v was too smart & recognized that there was already a copy of the file present locally. It asked if the file should be replaced & I answered 'Yes'. When I opened the OL it looked fine.

Perhaps someone else can try downloading the .stx file & see what happens.

Phil S.

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