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2017 WN13
Hi MP hunters,

The NEA 2017 WN13 is predicted to make a close approach in early April. According to ST4v, using the osculating elements for 2022 Mar 30 0000, peak brightness of 16.3 magnitude will occur around 2200 EDT on Apr 2. It will be in Hydra moving at 65.5"/min. While it's beyond my 13" scope from Ohio, ST4v predicts that it would be visible from southern hemisphere sites, like Aukland, NZ on the nights of Apr 2 in Hydra & Apr 3 in Pyxis (77"/min).

The uncertainty code for this object is 1 so the orbit is well defined.

This MP is right on the limits of what's detectable in a 13" telescope.

Hopefully the weather will cooperate, but these close approaches seem to be jinxing that (no surprise).

Phil S.
Thanks. Although not good for us northern viewers, those southern hemi boys will want to set the date for May 9th for the passage of 2006 JF42. Remaining in the mid mag 13s and well placed May 8, 9, & 10 in the wee hours of the morning. Moving ~1/2'/min. At least they get one that is visible in moderate apertures.
Quite a few of these rocks have been favorable for the southern hemisphere, but their weather has not. I noticed 2006 JF 42 on the CNEOS website. You beat me to it. It's still well beyond 0.05 AU currently, but it should be decently bright for a change. Not in the 16-20 range like most all of them.

Phil S.
Our weather and luck has been bad. 
We had one of the clearest nights I can ever recall here a couple of nights ago, the sky was the blackest I have ever seen and was awash with stars not normally visible. I could see the Magellanic clouds as clear as with naked eye, but I put my back out chopping wood and couldn't lift my scope.  SIGH.....
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My 13" Dob is getting heavy now. It's in a piece of industrial a/c vent tubing. Maybe 45#. I have not used my 24" in a very long time as the 13 can be up and running in 15 minutes. It pleases me with nice views from my Bortle 4/5 skies.
I have the Orion 14" and a  Skywatcher 10" dob, I move the 14 around on a pallet lifter so not usually a problem moving. Trouble is, I also have a 10" SCT sitting in front of them and that is to heavy to move with a back problem.  
I do have a 4" refractor and 25 x 100 binos, so I can still go out if the weather breaks, but the 10 and 14 are my favorites.

I would dearly love to see through a 24" dob, that must be amazing...
Win11 Pro, 64gb ddr4 Ram, RTX 2080 Super, i7 11700K, 3 x 1920x1080 280hz Monitors.

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