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TYPE column no longer display type.
The last update to version 4.0j R12 Visual broke the “Type” column. It now displays what looks thing that should be in description. No longer Galaxy, Glob, Open Cluster. I now get type as “Young, Very Old, Elliptical, Lenticular”, ect. How do I fix this?    

From what I can see in your screen capture, (and thanks for that or this could have been a very long thread) the Type column is displaying the intended information. What is displayed in this column depends on the type of object. For galaxies, it is the galaxy type (e.g. Lenticular). For open clusters its the age. For nebulae its the type of nebula (HII region, supernova remnant. etc.). Am I missing something? I think the object class is what you are looking for, and that is the icons.
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