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A close shave - 2022 BN
Apparently another one detected on the way out.  Sad Not visible from North America anyway, but a real screamer! 28"/sec at close approach of 0.00062 AU. It would have been visible from Japan: [attachment=2244]

Could have spoiled someone's day.

Phil S.
Makes me wish I never watched Armageddon!! Smile
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When that little 20' rock was screaming closest to me (14° below my horizon) at 8AM Sunday morning, it was just 93,577Km away moving just over 1/2°/min!! -very near the time of discovery by The Piszkéstető Station. Piszkéstető Mountain Station is an astronomical observatory in Mátraszentimre in Mátra Mountains, about 80 kilometers (50 mi) northeast of Hungary's capital Budapest. There were only 114 observations spanning less than 1/2 day by mostly observatories on the other side of the globe. Only a few by observatories in the U.S.

When best placed from my location (Lake Conroe, Tx. Jan 24, 00:52CST), it was 73° up, moving only 18"/sec and near 18th magnitude.
Sure slowed down, only 18"/sec.

Phil S.
(2022-01-25, 08:07 PM)PMSchu Wrote: Sure slowed down, only 18"/sec.

Phil S.

Due to the fact that it was on the ecliptic outside our orbit and moving directly away from us. True opposition on Jan 23.887736UT. But with very low velocity with respect to the coordinate reference frame or parent body - single digit Km/sec. This morning at 2:08CST, it became essentially motionless moving just 2.5"/min. Crazy stuff fun indeed!

Had this little rock come from the other direction, I doubt it would have been discovered.

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