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Big, bright fast mover (7482) 1994 PC1
If I open the file in Word, notepad, wordpad or other text editor, I do not see an Angstom symbol.

Somehow, the attaching process is adding that symbol? Strange.

(2022-01-13, 08:26 PM)PMSchu Wrote: Hi BMD,

You could calculate the ephemeris over the range of nights desired & copy it to the clipboard. Then paste into Notepad & remove the parts that you don't want & save what you want to keep, like so: 

You could trim it further if you like or compute the ephemeris at hourly intervals. YMMV

Hope this helps,

Phil S.

Exactly what I'm doing but using Notepad++ to edit it. Works good and that's what I did. Greg just wanted to know where that Angstom symbol came from. Here is the original ephemeris copied and pasted into a text editor (notepad++).

.txt   original ephemeris.txt (Size: 10.88 KB / Downloads: 4)

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