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Big, bright fast mover (7482) 1994 PC1
Sorry by broken I mean for a few hours over several day. Not as one continuous set of hours. I took the ephemeris to a copy to the clipboard and then opened it in Notepad ++. Did the needed edits and then saved for attaching to the post.

Looks like at the edge of civil and nautical twilight.

Not printing to a file. Copy/paste and then into an editor. Seemed to work fine that way to drop all the hours I did not want (when below horizon, etc).

No Angstrom symbol seen. Not sure where you are referring to. W7Pro64 US edition 2015

Jan 19th @18:00 is right square in the middle of civil twilight but at 67° up, I might try to view a 10th mag stellar object in a 24" reflector. But then again, I might need to alter some settings.

I see the Angtrom symbol now in the attached text file that I copied and pasted into Notepad ++ but it is not in my original saved file.


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