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Fast Mover 2021 XM3
The Apollo class NEA 2021 XM3 is predicted to reach 16.8 mag tonight around midnight EST. Predicted motion is 1'/min - pretty fast. An IA chart is attached with the Object Info (OI) dialog included: [attachment=2139]

This one is just beyond the reach of my 13" scope, maybe someone else will have better luck.

Phil S.
With Xmas coming up, you could buy yourself the 30inch you always wanted... Maybe they will put the Hubble up for sale soon Smile
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Hi George,

A nearby club had a 31" f/7 Newtonian scope that was a beauty. The views of globulars were spectacular. Had to use a scissors jack to access the eyepiece 20 ft in the air.

I like your thinking though. I wonder how much one of those would cost (if you have to ask, you can't afford it.)

Hear Hubble is approaching End of Life & the disposal costs would be considerable, not to mention the liability if the crashes on someone  Big Grin.

Even a 17-20" would work in this case.
Phil S.
ST4 (4.0j, R22) Bundle
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That's big piece of rock!! Looks like good geometry over the 5 hours b4 beginning of astronomical twilight. Up 65° in SSW at 5:00CST for me in SE Texas. Out of reach in my 13 and at the edge of the 24 visually. I have MPC and JPL giving the magnitude as 15.6 during the 5 hours: midnight till 5am. Beginning low in the east (midnight) and ending high in the SW after Astronomical Twilight. Both MPC & JPL have same position. Speed mostly unchanged at ~59"/min. For me, minimum distance shows 2,631,450Km @06:00:11CST.

Thanks for the alert.

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