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MP (3361) Orpheus reaches 14.3 Mag
The MP (3361) Orpheus will reach magnitude 14.3 for the next few days. Currently low in the sky in Fornax. Not particularly fast moving or close, but pretty bright for an Apollo.

Phil S.
Thanks for the reminder.

The best it gets during this apparition for my location is tonight between 11 & 12 PM ~mag 13.5 but only 26° up due south - Houston/Conroe light pollution. Last night was marginally better (3° higher). With it heading nearly straight for the south pole so never being well placed!! Looks to be running ~18"/sec on the afternoon of the 20th & 21st from SE Texas.

This rock jumped at me several weeks back due to its size. Looked at Horizons and the viewing specs for my location just did not excite. Sure wish the geometry were different.

Phil, toss me a note if you snag any more bright rocks. Thanks again.

I always try to post anything brighter than ~16.5 magnitude that turns up in the DBPS search. Even downloading the NEAs at Today's Epoch every other day somtimes results in missing something. It's not unusual to have 30+ objects added to the DB every other day.

The weather this time of year can be rotten.

Phil S.
We have been blessed with an incredible run (4 weeks) of awesome weather punctuated by a few 24hr nasty passes. My suspicion is that will end near Thanksgiving with a month of cloud cover. In SE Texas all we need do is wait. LOL
You're right. September & October can have lots of clear weather - November not so much around here.

Phil S.

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