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2019 XS Image of Track
Our team was unable to observe or image 2019XS from the Houston area due to cloud interference both nights. One of our team members was able to, from west Texas, grab a 100 minute exposure using an 8" Celestron RASA f/2 and a ZWO 2600 Color Camera. The image begin time was 05:57UT and end time was 07:28UT November 10th. The track was 1.4┬░ long (average motion = 57"/min) and is the blue-green line near center running from 5:00 to 11:00.

The image is at

Still working on getting satellite IDs. I counted 16 other distant asteroid trails in the image along with a handful of faint PGC galaxies.
Nice! Where do the different line colours come from? Are they added in post for visualization purposes?
Those appear to be real colors as it is a stand alone color camera. Noting added in post.

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