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An Interesting Timing Assessment
The International Asteroid Warning Network will conduct a campaign to check the accuracy of the observation times reported by asteroid observers. They will be using the close pass of 2019 XS next week. Close pass for me is at 21:47:05CST November 8 far below my SE horizon. Best viewing time for me is 24 hours later when the rock is high, brighter due to % illumination but farther away (2.8LD vs 1.5LD).  Details can be found at:
Thanks! That looks interesting. Perhaps I can image it with one of the iTelescopes.

Phil S.
Is this misplaced in the Visual forum? Seems like an imaging thing to me.
Clear skies,
Head Dude at Skyhound
Right. I put it here mostly because I know Phil reads this forum. Had completely forgotten about those imaging guys.

I pass charts and ephemerides to a buddy that loves to image the fast movers. He dislikes working with software unless it is used to enhance his show-piece object images. I sent him that link but he has little interest in the data timing issues. I'm glad some folks do.

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