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Another screamer 2021 UA1 on Oct 24
I've not seen the issue Phil has. I'm only adding a single set from the Horizon Osculating list very close to the times I expect to attempt a sighting. And I'm finding that STv does a great job of keeping an ephemeris well within a few arc second error of those published by Horizons. BTW, I'm finding all sorts of uses for ST. Thanks again for a powerful program.

Back when Phil first posted this thread, I had already played with this rock just b4 his post. At the time, I had run the ephemeris with what I had available and had accidentally clicked on the date 2021 Oct 24 22:00 to make an IA, not looking at the elevation output. Which was -64°, not +64°. I ran a short trails and discovered that the asteroid nearly crossed a 5.3 magnitude star.

After discovering that it was way, way below my horizon, I thought where would I need to be in order to see it occult that star (HR 4219, HIP 52678). I had to correspond with one of my math genius friends to have him work out the lat & long in the southern hemisphere where I might observe it from. I did not have time to follow up. Getting that info, I finally made a large number of tweaks to get a time and viewing location to observe the 16th magnitude asteroid occult the 5.3 magnitude star.

I had to observe from  80° 32' 37.80" S  79° 52' 35.95" W (Antarctica) at approximately 3:06:07.5245UT (big estimate based on track points). The rock was moving so fast that the drop in brightness would have been so short that I doubt my brain would have registered it.

I'm unable to now duplicate this as the elements have changed a lot. Current epoch Oct 30 and even getting the osculating elements for Oct 24 from Horizons. When I go to make the Interactive Atlas, I get a fail as below. The Atlas does open blank as I get the Fatal Error message.


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