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Another screamer 2021 UA1 on Oct 24
Hi Greg,

Sorry I tried 2 different approaches to update the elements. The Read File method was clearly the wrong approach to input elements from HORIZONS. I was trying to do too much at once. There are 2 issues.

#1) The dialog for the Read File is: [attachment=2087]

The Help says this: [attachment=2088]

It looks like the Help needs a revision unless the MPCORB & ASTORB formats are the same. It confused me.

#2) I tried to update the DB directly here: [attachment=2089]

When I pasted the HORIZONS elements from BMD's 5:13PM post yesterday into the edit elements dialog, the DB wasn't updated with the elements from Oct 25. The elements from Oct 28 were retained instead. This has happened before when the elements aren't sufficiently different. The original elements are retained.

Sorry I got you mixed up. Hope this helps clear things up,

Phil S.

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