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Another screamer 2021 UA1 on Oct 24
Another one of those "Whizzers" that got nabbed after close approach! Apparently, it was picked up by the Zwicky Transit Facility (Palomar Mountain) about 3 hours after it went screaming over my yard (25 Oct 3:06UT), moving 3.6°/minute (3.7'/second), 56° below my horizon in the far south!!

From a location just 17 miles east of me, it appears to have possibly occulted a 10th mag star at 25 Oct 03:06:01.72UT.  If I could have seen thru the Earth.

Phil, see what you get for the RA & DEC if viewing it from 30 28 37.1N 95 15 55.2W at 3:06:01.72UT October 25, 260' elevation. Just curious.

(2021-10-27, 04:01 PM)PMSchu Wrote: We missed another fast mover on the evening of 24 Oct 2021 @2300 EDT. 2021 UA1 was calculated to be moving at 2.95°/sec through Cepheus. Here's a chart in the IA: 

It's moving so fast that ST4 had to include the time to the second on the tick marks & the whole text string didn't fit on the label Cool . What's shown as 2h should be 22h. Minimum Re was 11.1k km.

The osculating elements were downloaded from the MPC's NEAs at Today's Epoch using ST4v on Oct 26.

Talk about a close shave.

Phil S.
Closest I've seen in a very long time!!  14,000Km!

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