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NEO Approaches Page
This is a list of close approaches that Gideon van Buitenen does over the next 90 days. I just ran into it although I've been using Gideon's elements page for a few years. Nice to have such info at fingertips.
Thanks, BMD, that looks like a great website. He has 2021 UA1 on the list at 0.000 AU distance  Smile.

Phil S.
Interesting that UH1 hasn't made his list yet. Bet he'll update it today.
2021 UH1 wasn't in the download of NEAs at Today's Epoch that I did on Oct 26 either. Missed it by that much!

I'll repeat the download today to see if UH1 is on the list & calculate the ephemeris for the Lat & Lon you requested.

Phil S.

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