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EAA Imaging
Hello to all -

Is there anyone out there that uses SkyTools 4 Imaging for EAA (Electronically Assisted Astronomy)?

I'm interested in finding out how to use SkyTools 4 Imaging for Live Imaging without creating a formal observing project.
What I would like to do is is create a list of objects, filtered for my observing system, site and weather that I can use at my 
scope to have SkyTools slew my scope to the objects on my list.

This is kind of the way I used SkyTools 3 visually but with the filters for astro-imaging available.

Does anybody out there do this? Are there any resources you can point me  to?

My System:
AP 130mm Starfire Gran Turismo
AP Mach 1 GTO mount
ZWO ASI294mc OSC CMOS camera

I use Sharpcap for image capture and PHD2 for guiding



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