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2021 TT13
Another really close approach not discovered until a day after. Most likely due to the proximity of the Sun. A real screamer moving over 55'/min! Faint (14th) and incredibly close (49,097Km) at 22:16CDT Oct.10. Orbit uncertainty was 7 but there were 14 observations over a 3 day period (Oct 11-14) - ATLAS-HKO, Haleakala, Visnjan Observatory, Tican, and Kitt Peak. Where were we? Crazy stuff!
Looks like it was discovered after my Oct 10 download of NEA Today from the MPC. Today's download showed 26.7k MPs added to the DB: [attachment=2049]

It won't even be within 0.05 AU on Oct 17, so going, going, GONE.

The MPC is now using epoch 2022 Jan 20.

Phil S.

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