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I was wanting to have a look at the SkyTools 4 Imaging. Is the only way to do that by purchasing? I'm already a user of 4 Pro Visual. One of the questions I have: are there more gas giant satellites accurately plotted than in the visual version? I did notice that faint moons are plotted for Uranus and Pluto but not Saturn and Jupiter in the Pro 4 visual.
checking in the imaging part I do not believe there are any more satellites of Jupiter included than there are in the Visual Pro version.
The only difference in planetary satellites is the Standard Visual Edition has fewer. The Pro Visual and Imaging products have the same number. I chose these satellites because I believed that these were the only ones that were within the reach of amateur imaging.

There are 12 moons for Jupiter, 9 for Saturn, and 5 for Uranus.

As often seems to be the case, there may be a question hiding behind your question. It almost sounds like you are not seeing all of the moons. That could be because we are nearing the end of the data that they are based on. Each faint moon is only valid for so many years into the future. I just made a note to check all of them and extend any until the end of the decade, as necessary.
Clear skies,
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As usual, Tecknoking kind of read my mind. I was planning on going after some of the faint (13-14 mag) moons that do not get very far from the planets edge or far from the rings of Saturn. Thanks for the explanation.

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