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Syncing data between two installations
(2022-08-19, 02:31 PM)Ritchie11 Wrote: Can the data files be relocated to OneDrive so both computers can use the same files?

That sounds like an awesome solution, but unfortunately that's a bad idea in practice. There are two basic problems:

1) If SkyTools was in use on more than one computer simultaneously, there would be all sort of problems with changes to scratch files and settings

2) Many of the SkyTools files are interdependent, so that if one is changed, another has to be changed as well. Any delay in updating the files on the second computer via OneDrive could lead to the case where one file was updated and the other wasn't. This would cause all sorts of problems

So the short answer is don't do it.
Clear skies,
Head Dude at Skyhound

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