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How do I set up filters for a OSC CMOS camera? Also I have a IDAS-NBX filter. It's not in the default folder. Will that be eventually be entered into the database?

Hello David,

Typically people don't use filters with a color camera, so the "Color" filter is used in ST4 (which isn't really a proper filter). But there is no reason you can't use other filters. In that case, you would set up the filter in the same way you would for any other system. Just add the new filter to the list of available filters and select it rather that the "Color" one.

I have attached the IDAS IPX filter in the form of a text file. Save it where you can find it again. Open your Imaging System, click on Filters, click "New" on the left side, click "Read From File" and browse to the "IDAS IPS.txt" file you downloaded. Enter the name of the filter and a three-letter abbreviation, click Ok, then add this new filter to your Imaging System.

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