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Data Not Found
Rarely when a new close pass hops up on CNEOS, no info will be found at Horizons.

JPL/DASTCOM            Small-body Index Search Results    2021-Sep-04 15:26:06

Comet AND asteroid index search:

    DES = 2021 RF;

Matching small-bodies:
    No matches found.

You can go to the discovery info page
and grab elements there. They will be new and with an uncertainty of high value. In this case 6.
But at least you can run an ephemeris by importing to ST, etc.
And discover that at close approach it may have been between 15-16 mag but very high in south. I say was because that occurred at ~00:00 local CDT this morning. Why no match found at Horizons, I do not know. It will most likely be in standard downloads tomorrow.

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