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2021 QB3
2021 QY3!! Yikes. Your one tough dude to go for that rock. Looks as if it is still a very uncertain orbit with the last observation being over 40 hours ago from Table Mountain Observatory. Maybe more later but was 20+ mag then and looks like when close on Thursday evening, the phase angle is nasty so fainter and out near 8LD.

2021 QH1 jumped out at me due to possible size and 2LD pass. It's faint also at near 18th. So no joy. Just keep on trucking and build an imaging setup and do some photometry. There are a ton of folks nearby that spend there days imaging and processing. Such a diverse hobby.

I do love the charts ST makes. And yes, it's a rare breed that tries to look at little rocks screaming past our environs. Years ago, I was a hard core deep sky observer. Since 1983. Spent a lot of time chasing static dim stuff from obscure catalogs. At some point, they began looking so similar that my interest waned but it's still cool to re-examine intricately detailed objects like N2359/IC468 or research and hunt down an object like Einsteins Cross. Astronomy is a "Harsh Mistress" says Ken Fulton. So yes to the disappointment.
(2021-09-03, 03:36 PM)PMSchu Wrote: It's moving into Aquarius today, but may be a little brighter.

Good luck,

Phil S.
My skies got a bit thin last night / this morning (Sep 3/4) with cirrus from Louisiana. Very strange to get cirrus from the east. Did not attempt QB3.

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