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Import Caldwell Objects List

Need help with creating the Caldwell Object List and importing into Skyhound. I see the Messier Object List is included with the software download.


If you go to Get Observing lists - > Browse SkyHound and select the Deep Sky Observing lists option fomr the dropdown you will see the AL_Caldwell list there. If you select it and then hit import then it will load into your copy of ST4.

The Caldwell list is already available, so you don't need to make your own. Here is how to get it:

1. From the Nightly Planner click on Get Observing Lists and select Browse Skyhound.

2. Select Deep Sky Observing lists at the top

3. Scroll down to AL Caldwell Club Observing List

4. Select it, choose a folder to save it in, and click Import
Clear skies,

Technoking of Skyhound

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