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Waiting On A good One
We rock hounds are just not getting any breaks. I fooled around with 2016 AJ193. A fairly large rock, think high H and fair size (1.3Km +/- .4km) that has a somewhat close approach (~9LD) on 21 Aug ~11CDT. Yep daylight! Then big moon and below our horizon. Shucks again! But, because of its size and approach profile, the phase presents a good view and brighter prior to close approach. A possible shot may present itself just b4 Nautical twilight ~5CDT the 20th. It then climbs as twilight approaches. Work it out from your location as it may be bright enough (mid 12 to mid 13) to follow and the error box is <1minute. Speed ~1'/min moving NE out of Fornax into Eridanus. Here is my dope from front yard. Unfortunately for me, from my yard, will be looking into Willis, Conroe and Houston. Not sure it's worth the drive to dark skies on a non-observing weekend.


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