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What Are The Chances
This morning around 8:45CDT, I had two rocks only 10' apart in my sky unseen as due to daylight and magnitude as well as clouds. They both are close approach rocks, racing by at over 1'/minute. One being 2021 NY3 closest on 12 July 10:53CDT and the other being 2021 NM3 closest on 14 July 16:55CDT. Strange things happen.
Clear skies,
Head Dude at Skyhound
Wow indeed. I downloaded the 'NEOs at Today's Epoch' on 2021 Jul 11 and 2021 NY3 wasn't even in the list, although 2021 NY1 and 2021 NZ were included. Did catch 2021 NM3 though.

Man, you have to watch these things like a hawk, or you miss them. Running the update for today & there are 114 objects added since 11 July.

Phil S.

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