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2003 WD158
I didn't run across this rock on the CNEOS page nor at Spaceweather. It was found using the DBPS in ST4. It looks to have a nice close approach in the very early hours of June 15th high in the west with no moon. Maybe 14th magnitude, moving ~20"/min. Although the rock will be moving away, it should appear to get somewhat brighter as the phase angle improves over the next several days. Another chance to detect it comes the next morning (16th) ~6,7 & 8 UT high in the southern sky, still moving relatively quickly. Again, no moon. And again, the next morning (17th) 7, 8 & 9 UT high in the southern sky. No moon. Still good phase angle and maybe magnitudes in the 12s. Because of the geometry this rock exhibits, there are still a couple of hours in the predawn skies on the 18th & 19th with elongation and phase angle still decent but getting slower, lower, and fainter as it sweeps the southern skies. The rock comes over the top and moves outside our orbit for good viewing from the northern hemisphere.
BMG very good find. This MP didn't get picked up when I searched for MPs closer than 0.05 AU on 2021 Jun 10 despite being 0.05 AU on Jun 14.

FYI, the DBPS finds the same 6 MPs even if you don't select the NEOs only. You seem to have chosen a very efficient way to search for fast movers.

Phil S.

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