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Total lunar eclipse on 26 May 2021
Just heard there will be a total lunar eclipse before dawn on 26 May 2021. Best visible from western North America into the Pacific Ocean. Just 4° altitude at first contact here in Ohio, so not good for us.

Phil S.
We get a good view here in NZ, but if the clouds we have been having stay around, we may as well be in Ohio having a beer with you Smile
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Don't give up George, sometimes the cloud gods take pity on astronomers and let us see what's up there  Wink.

Gives real meaning to the term "Clear skies." According to ST4v the eclipse is just barely total. Only 15 min between 2nd & 3rd contact here.

Phil S.
Was anyone fortunate enough to see the eclipse? I saw some pics on the internet from the southern hemisphere.

Phil S.
Hi Phil
I did go out to watch it, and the sky was actually clear for a change. It was around 11pm, but the moon was virtually overhead, so was small and not what I would call spectacular. It would have been better coming up over the horizon. What was intriguing, was the moment it darkened fully, the stars lit up the sky in a way I have not seen for a while. They were clear and no twinkle, so they were more exciting than the moon.

The night was still worth it.
Win11 Pro, 64gb ddr4 Ram, RTX 2080 Super, i7 11700K, 3 x 1920x1080 280hz Monitors.
I managed to grab some shots with a Canon EOS R5 + 300mm F2.8L + Extender x2 Mk III + Extender x2 Mk II giving a focal length of 1200mm at F11.

10 secs at ISO 800.



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Dennis, those shots are fantastic! Impressive with 2 2X teleconverers, too. That 300 f/2.8L is an awesome lense.

Thanks for sharing,

George, I'm glad you were able to see the eclipse.

Phil S.

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