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Log entry of a comet with incomplete name
I have multiple log entry for Comet Lemmon C/2019 U6 (Lemmon), but in the log it shows C/2019 U6 (). "Lemmon" is not between the parentheses. Is there a way to correct the comet name in the logs?
I have skytools 3 pro. 3.2k.  It is my main observation logging and planning tool been using it for many years. 

There was a mistake in the comet data at some point, I think from the MPC. They haven't really been on top of comets in some time now. The Lemmon was left out.

This is showing the comet name this way because the comet orbital elements were copied to your log database. It's not just a name, but the orbital elements that define the comet. My advice would be to just ignore it. It could resolve itself naturally as new elements are downloaded via the Current Comets. Trying to fix it could be complicated.

One thing you could try is to open your comet database, find the comet, and edit the elements where it is missing, adding it into the parentheses. But this is a complicated process, because SkyTools is doing its best to try to keep the original orbital elements safe from future changes. So that may not resolve the issue.
Clear skies,
Head Dude at Skyhound
Thanks for the reply.
I will just make a note that C/2019 U6 () is Comet Lemmon. I just thought I made a mistake in logging. 


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