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Error popup and no objects no matter what
Must be doing something wrong, but cannot find what. Tried changing everything, set excellent viewing, released all filters, and still no objects. Not a newbie at observing, but an absolute newbie at this software. Just installed offered update today.

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Please ensure that you are running the latest version, 4.0i, as I fixed a very similar issue in the latest update. I have some questions:

1. What happens when you remove the check next to AUto weather and set the seeing to something better, perhaps excellent? These are all solar system objects that are sensitive to seeing.

2. What happens when you remove the check next to Plan? Is the list displayed normally?

3. What happens if you choose another observing list, e.g. Messier? Does it work for that one?
Clear skies,
Head Dude at Skyhound

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