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Custm Fld - NightlyPlaner -Column Scheme?
Within the nightly planner column scheme - one column is the system recommended Eye Piece.
I'm finding the suggested eye piece to  be not what I personally would use for many objects.

I'm wondering if there is a way to modify that data?

Or perhaps simply not include it in the options - and instead include a user customizable data field?

Is there any way for me to do either of those?

This is the recommended eyepiece based on a sophisticated calculation for the target object under the given observing conditions. The calculation is based on different criteria, depending on the situation. For faint and/or low contrast objects this is the eyepiece that maximizes your chances of detection. For bright obvious objects, this is the eyepiece that provides the most pleasing image scale. It has no function other than as a recommendation, so I don't see why you would need to customize it to suit your subjective preference.
Clear skies,
Head Dude at Skyhound
Revised answer after realizing you were asking about the older SkyTools 3 rather than SkyTools 4.

In SkyTools 3 this is the eyepiece that maximizes visual detection, which is useful for faint objects, but has no meaning for bright objects that are not difficult to detect.

My previous answer was for the much improved version in SkyTools 4.
Clear skies,
Head Dude at Skyhound
Ok thanks Greg

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