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Minor Planet (52768) 1998 OR2 Close approach
Snagging a speeding rock from my backyard requires that I know where to look. Especially if the rock is near my visual limit is on any night through any scope. Conditions always vary. Generally these rocks are moving so fast (10s of seconds per minute) that spotting them usually becomes just a waiting game. 3 minutes of DEC usually is not an issue, but depending on where it is DEC wise, more than a little RA error spells disaster in finding the rock. As I use higher magnification to get deeper stellar magnitude reach, my FOV (error circle) gets smaller. I have great hope that the new v4Pro visual does a great job of giving me the location to look for these speedsters in my backyard. This will be so much fun {;=)

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RE: Minor Planet (52768) 1998 OR2 Close approach - by bigmasterdrago - 2020-03-26, 12:56 PM

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