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Ha Filters Constellations filter

I had been using SkyTools 4 imaging the last weeks to plan observations on iTelescope. I noticed the Ha of telescope 14 is not available, there is a B photometric filter that the telescope doesn't actually have instead. It's a mistake or the filters changed in the telescope and SkyTools didn't catch up with it?

Other problem, when I use powersearch to get a list of all the nebulae of Orion I get the full sky. I read, and commented in the post about powersearch not working. But after reading the rules I saw that I should star a new thread for a support question. I am using version 4.0e.

Thank you in advance for you assistance.

Clear skies,
I believe these filters were correct, so it appears that they have been changed. Informing customers in general about this type of change is something they should really work on improving. They said that they would inform me whenever a telescope changed, but my impression is that they just aren't organized enough to keep up, which is unfortunate. If you would be so kind, please ask them nicely to keep me updated in the future, as there is no reasonable way for me to monitor all of their telescopes constantly.
Clear skies,

SkyTools Developer
Thank you Greg! I will try to ask them and will see. Clear Skyes!

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