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xxx: DOMAIN error in IA and VSS!
Wow. What a journey.

I made a lot of mistakes here and that's part of my reason for posting. Back up your SkyTools data, if you care about your observing lists, your notes, and your log entries. And when you back up, ensure you're backing up what you want! Probably everything, so do a FULL backup process.

Something I learned in this is that if the backup procedure finishes in a couple of seconds, when it used to take about a minute or so, probably something's wrong. I don't know how this happened to me, but all the items to back up got unchecked at some point and I didn't notice this. Daft, I know. It's right in front of your face. But I was just on auto-pilot and did not READ the screen. Silly, eh? And I'm a computer guy. So it turned out that I had not been doing a full backup for a while. I had to roll back 5 months to get a good restore point.

By a variety of means, I reinstated all the data and my preferences, to my mobile copy of SkyTools 3 Pro. Two computers on a LAN with a shared folder, lots of data entry, lots of importing, lots of manual list reconciliation in spreadsheets, lots of cross-checks, comparisons to my blog site. About 10 hours of work but it's done.

And now I'm going to attempt some synchronisation to merge together other full ST lists built in other environments or profiles. Another long story.

Anyhoo. Learned my lesson-- don't import a STX file from a different version of SkyTools.


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