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Disabling labels on charts

I posted on Yahoo but then saw the new forum. Just wondering how to remove the dark nebula designations on charts. I tried chart preferences settings  but couldnt remove them. Is there a catalog I can remove to remove the dark nebula? The image attached is for a 7x35 binocular field. 


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If under labels you choose to disable dark nebulae and dark globules then they will go, or at least most of them will. To get there right click in the chart and use View controls.

You want the View Controls, not the Preferences. Preferences are about how things look, what color they are etc. The View Controls are used to turn things on or off. There is a button on the tool bar for View Controls, and you can also right-click on the chart. Use the Labels tab.

FYI for questions like this, clicking on the help button at the top of the chart will usually get you a quick answer.
Clear skies,

SkyTools Developer
That worked. Thanks. Looks like it was the dark globules. I left the dark nebula. Much better.

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