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Affect of weather conditions
Hi Greg: 

>> I need to know your target object.

The target is the Cave Nebula.

>> Also, you say weather conditions, but are we talking about seeing? Or temperature and humidity? If so, what are your specifics?

As mentioned, it is temperature and humidity.  In the Target Selection window for Sept 21/22, if I enter "Fairly Good Seeing" with 60°F and 70%RH, The IQ column shows A, and the exposure window is about 5.5 hours.  If I change only the humidity to 95%, the blue line on the graph drops way down, the IQ column shows "---" and there is no exposure window at all.

>>Where does it make no difference? The Scheduler? The project itself has no date or time attached to it, so it is neutral regarding weather...

As mentioned, I was changing the weather conditions for the Observations, which are in the project window.  As I enter each observation, I enter the time and date, and the temperature and humidity.  I would assume that if the temp/humidity has such a huge effect on the exposure window in the Target Selection window, it should also have a large effect on the resulting SNR calculated for the project when I change the data there.  However, changing the humidity in the Observation, the same amount as I changed it in the Target Selection window, I see no change at all in the SNR that SkyTools calculates in the project window.

It seems that the temperature and humidity in a project Observation have zero effect on the calculated SNR in the Project.  Is that true or am I misunderstanding something?

Here's the screen captures you asked for:

1) Target selection window at 70%RH

2) Target selection window at 95%RH

3) Project window with 70%RH Observation (highlighted):

4) Project window with 90%RH Observation (highlighted):

-Dan Kuchta

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